Throughout the years I have been interviewed and I won’t bore you with all those full interviews, but I will show a few interesting parts of them.

Phonographer Magazine: Only glam and glitter?
Don’t get me wrong, I love modeling and everything that goes with it, I certainly won’t complain. But I am also a realistic person and would like to make people aware that a model is not always just an elusive image of stunningly slender divas that do fashion shows in Paris and Milan. No, also in a random advertising brochure for just ordinary people you will see all kind of beautiful models. Girls who invest a lot of time and energy to keep their position as a successful working model.

Vrouw – News paper Telegraaf: Models only eat vegetables and drink water right?
No absolutely not, well a least I don’t. Variety is what makes my lunch time special every day. Sometimes I eat a good filled chicken or pumpkin soup, a cracker or just an old fashion Dutch sandwich with old cheese for lunch.

RTL News: Do you understand that some big (-ger) women think differently and that they might be less eager to wear a bikini?
“Yes I do so that’s why I do not claim to say that every woman should wear a bikini this Summer. You have to wear things which make you feel comfortable. When standing in front of the mirror and feeling insecure, please don’t wear it and put on a swimsuit. The main thing is that you should listen to yourself and not to what others say.”
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Vrouw – News paper Telegraaf: My body shape
I have large breasts and wide hips, but a slim waist and I am 1.80 meters tall. So you could say I am a bloated Barbie doll; so a larger size of ‘the perfect body’.

Trendy Twente – blog: 
Fashion trends
Personally I am not that trendy and fashion minded but more a basics-girl. But lately I hear that plus size women complain about the big price difference between the ‘ordinary well known shops’ like Miss Etam/Hennes Mauritz/MS Mode and the real ‘plussize boutiques’. My advice would be to combine a simple and affordable basic outfit with a real eye-catcher from a boutique.

Talkies – Magazine: What kind of modeling jobs do you do?
The jobs that I get are mostly commercially focused (so let’s say, anything that needs a smile to sell it ;-)). For example: I model for new brochures and shop-posters for the stores of Dutch fashion chains like TerStal and Promiss, I wear pants for the webshop of Miss Etam, walk on the catwalk for various plussize brands, I am a technical fit model for the new collections of Hunkemöller but I also do a lot of fashion shows in shops and on fairs like the Margriet Winterfair.

Glamour – Magazine: Confidence
People sometimes come up to me and ask if I am happy although I am overweight. But what does that have to do with it? Because of the way I was raised I know that confidence comes from inside and doesn’t have anything to do with your weight. Don’t think about what other people might think of you, just think: Here I am! If you feel good, you can see it, because then you shine.

Vrouw – News paper Telegraaf: Linda as a child
I have always been big, even as a child. If you see old photos of my class and I at primary school, you see a group of really cute children and I am between them, the giant child. But I have never seen it as a problem. My father is tall and big, my mother is big and I have got both of their gens.

Yes – Magazine: There must be a lot of hatred and envy, or not?
Most of the time the people are friendly at fashion shows, but there are of course girls who behave rather bitchy. Just the other day, one girl was putting some extra push up in her bra and all of a sudden she says: “Well you’ve got enough filling, haven’t you?”. Most of the time I think: Well girl, after this fashion show they will talk about me – ‘Wasn’t that great that there was a bigger girl too? – but they have forgotten all about you.”

Substitution: Guest column
On a catwalk we shouldn’t only see skinny people, but please let the apple and pear shaped people join in as well!”