´It’s not my size but it’s my enthusiasm, beauty and charisma that makes me shine!´

Hi, I am Linda Caffa, I’ve been working as a plussize model since I was 20. You can book me for photoshoots, runway shows (catwalk) and technical fittings. On this website you can find photos, sizes and publications of me.

When I had my first photo shoot, I couldn’t believe that the pretty curvy girl in the photo was me, until I realised that it is all about the way you shine and not about your size. Of course you have to feel comfortable in front of a camera and you mustn’t be shy, but if you feel good about yourself and you like to show that, people see that in your photos and size doesn’t matter anymore..

I started expanding my portfolio via TFP (Time For Pictures) photo shoots with photographers, make-up artists and stylists who wanted to develop their skills just like me. After that I visited model agencies and showed them my portfolio. And that is how I started to make a living out of modelling.

I hope to inspire and motivate people and show them that size has nothing to do with the beauty and happiness you can feel and show to others.

Kind regards, Linda Caffa